Antigua, Guatemala!

Happy Thanksgiving! I am in Antigua studying Spanish for a couple of weeks. The first few days have already been amazing and full. I’m already in love with Guatemala. The school hosted a Thanksgiving dinner today for students and teachers. It was the first time Thanksgiving has included sangria and salsa music for me, but I think I could make a new personal tradition. I’m very grateful to be here, and for the opportunity to get to know other students. Everyone has a good story and learning about them is one of the best parts of traveling.

I didn’t have watching a volcano erupting on my bucket list but what a site. That has been the side activity at the school – to go up to roof to see what Volcan de Fuego is doing. Cloud cover had made pictures difficult, but at times we saw red hot boulders rolling down the side. The rocks must be at least the size of cars. It was declared an official eruption for a few days, and several thousand people had to evacuate but from side of the volcano away from Antigua. It went back to sleep for a few days, but today there was activity again.

(Volcan de Fuego – it’s all in the name.)

(Cloud cover during the day but you can see the smoke rising.)

I am studying Spanish for four hours each morning one on one with a teacher. It has been good but intense. My brain is done after four hours so I haven’t done much studying in the afternoon. I have instead either taken a siesta or tours arranged through the school. One was to a town nearby to visit an artisanal chocolate factory and convent, and yesterday I went to a coffee plantation and macadamia nut farm.

My entire blog could just be pictures of Guatemalan fabrics, but I’ll try to keep it to a few pictures at the end of every post.

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  1. Awesome Thanksgiving!

  2. Elizabeth Gaffin says: Reply

    What an adventure. Guatemala is such a beautiful country. Hope you habe a great time

    1. Thanks! It has been amazing so far.

  3. It’s so fun to follow your adventures. Makes me feel like I know just a bit of what you are experiencing. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful! And hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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