Day 44: Lavacolla to Santiago de Compostela!

October 30, 2018

10.8 km (Phone: 16km / 9.9 miles)

It drizzled rain the whole way in, but I made it! I walked into Santiago sometime after 1:00. The way was marked very well until I got in the historic center. I was looking down at the street just realizing that I had lost the shells when someone hugged me from behind. It was Melody! By getting a little lost I had walked right by the laundromat where she was washing clothes. That was the best way to be greeted coming into the city.

Melody cautioned me that I might have trouble getting into the square with my backpack as the King of Spain was visiting the morning. So after making plans to meet up for dinner, I went to my hotel first and checked in. After leaving my pack I walked to the square to get “the” picture of me with the cathedral behind me. Then I went to the Pilgrim Office to get the paperwork – the Compostela – the official document for completion and a distance certificate showing where I started, how far it was, and the dates I walked.

I’ve completed the Camino Frances walking all but four parts: one in a taxi when I was sick, a bus into the last part of Burgos, a bus into Leon, and on horse up the mountain to O’Cebreiro. I carried my backpack every step except for four days.

I have three days to hang out in Santiago where I hope to see more friends, explore the Cathedral, and rest. My Camino is over here even though many people walk on to Finisterre and Muxia on the coast. I think it will take a long time for the lessons of the Camino to fully sink in, but I know I am a stronger person now physically and mentally. I know to go at my own pace and to take care of myself first before I can help others. I had time to listen to, and sort out, the different sound tracks that play on repeat in my mind. The negative ones are still there, but I am better at turning them down and even off at times. I hope to continue to spend more time outside just enjoying what I am walking by, and will always treasure the friendships I made along the Way.

(There were more pilgrims on the route the closer in to Santiago.)

(Park on the outskirts.)

(I hung up my poles – at least for awhile.)

(I loved my room but the best part . . . )

(A bathtub!)

(My Compostela.)

(Distance certificate)

16 Replies to “Day 44: Lavacolla to Santiago de Compostela!”

  1. That is incredible!

  2. What an awesome journey! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks!

  3. Congratulations. Quite an accomplishment. Enjoy the city. It is great. Or at least it was 30 years ago when I was there.

    1. Thanks. I’ve been enjoying it despite the rain!

  4. Congratulations Rebecca!

    1. Thanks!

  5. Have enjoyed your journey vicariously! Cherie B.

    1. I’m glad. Thanks for following along.

  6. What a wonderful journey! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks!

  7. Congratulations! The journey continues….

    1. Yes. Ultreia!

  8. What a fun! I feel like I was meeting up with you hear and there (without the walking)! Such an accomplishment! Congratulations and I’ll see you soon!

  9. Rebecca, congratulations to reache to Santiago!!!!!
    I enjoyed the way by seeing your blog 😉
    It must be great experience for you!
    I’m looking forward to seeing your next adventure!

    Ayuko from Tokyo

    1. Thank you! I just got home so am resting but will be blogging again soon. I’m glad you’re following along.

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