Day 43: Salceda to Lavacolla

October 29, 2018

18.9 km (Phone: 18km / 11.2 miles)

I am only 11-12 kilometers from Santiago. I’ll be there tomorrow!

Today was a very good Camino day despite the rain. First, I slept in knowing I’d have a shorter walk. I had talked to Carol and Joe from England the night before at the cafe in my pension. They were staying across the street at an albergue, and came back to the cafe for breakfast. I left just a few minutes ahead of them, and when they caught up, Joe and I started to chat covering a range of topics even politics. To my delight we walked the rest of the way to my hotel together taking a couple of stops for coffee and snacks. Then they stopped at my hotel and had a drink before they walked on another 4-5 km. Since we had been busy talking the whole walk, I didn’t take many pictures. We exchanged contact info, and I hope to see Joe and Carol in Santiago.

(One more Camino cat.)

(Celebratory gin and tonic at my hotel.)

(The yummy goat cheese salad I had for dinner. It came without bread which I thought was a punishable offense in Spain. However, I survived the night without the extra carbohydrates.)

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