Day 42: Melide to Salceda

October 28, 2018

25.3 km (Phone: 29.4 km / 18.2 miles)

I must have been tired when I made plans to walk to Salceda because it is 25 kilometers from Melide, more than I wanted to walk, but I already had reservations so went ahead and sent my pack there. At least with the extra hour from the day light savings time change I started walking a little earlier than usual. It rained off and on through out the day, but not too hard until the last two hours, then it was steady.

My room is nice in Salceda. It is a private room with an attached bathroom and an electric heater. Of course the heat doesn’t reach far, but there are two hooks above it so there is a chance that some of my laundry will dry by morning.

I could technically push and make it to Santiago tomorrow. By the markers it is 26.5 km and 29 by the guidebook. However, I am going to break it up and only walk part of the way tomorrow but keep my backpack with me. Then the following day I’ll be able to walk into Santiago without being too tired.

(Some more cows. To really get the picture you have to imagine the sound of cowbells too.)

(My hearty lunch to keep me going the distance.)

(Home for the night.)

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