Day 41: Portos to Melide

October 27, 2018

20.6 km (Phone: 24.6 km/15.3 miles)

Another rainy gray day so I made sure to eat breakfast at the albergue before I left. Luckily I realized I had forgotten to put on my knee braces before I left so grabbed the out of my backpack which I was having transported again. I took several breaks through the day but was able to get a meditative rhythm going when I was walking.

Peggy and Greg were at the same albergue, San Anton. I had been relieved to see my pack when I walked in the door, but they told me they weren’t there when the got in a couple of hours before me. The staff at the albergue luckily called around, and they showed up later. I was lucky to not even know there was a problem. The albergue used a different company so I felt comfortable deciding to send my pack ahead again the next day.

It was a quiet evening as I stayed in the albergue and out of the rain except to catch dinner just a few doors down. I talked to others in the albergue and worked on my blog. One woman had been traveling like I hope to do this coming year and used WorkAway a couple of times so it was good to get some tips from her on how it works.

(I haven’t posted enough cow photos to really represent the Camino.)

(Almost every house had a structure like this one outside. I learned later they are for storing corn. At least some are still in use as we saw corn cobs peeking through a crack in one. My guess is that the corn is for feed.)

(Cows and cats have been underrepresented in my photos.)

(As have statues of Saint James.)

(The wind picked up and rain started again right after I took this photo. It was the first moment I felt like winter was coming. In fact the next day I started seeing photos people where posting of snow in villages I had (luckily) already walk through.)

(Walking into Melide felt like walking into the sun. Although my the time I found my albergue the rain had started again.)

(My bed is the bottom on the right.)

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  1. Maybe it should be called the “COWmino”

  2. It’s beginning to look a lot like Galicia. I’m very jealous. I’d love to go back now. Enjoy the last few days.

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