Day 40: Portomarin to Portos

October 26, 2018

19.1 km (Phone: 22.8 km/14.1 miles)

I left my pension a quarter to 9:00. My room had been very comfortable and the shared bathroom was just across the hall. I left my backpack at the entryway for transport to Portos and started walking in hopes of finding a place open for breakfast. Nothing was open so I set out hoping I’d find something soon. If I would have looked at my guidebook, I wouldn’t have left the town without finding something to eat as the next place wasn’t for more than 8 km.

It was a misty day and I passed the group of school girls I had seen the day before. They soon came by me signing and chanting. After awhile Alfred, Melody and Laura caught up to me. They had wisely eaten before leaving. Laura gave me some almonds she had in her pack so that helped give me energy. We stayed together and stopped at the first bar. I ordered a real breakfast of fried eggs with Serrano ham, coffee with milk, and fresh orange juice.

I was delighted when a cat jumped in my lap as I was finishing breakfast and snuggled down for a nap. He even started purring. It was hard to get up from such a cozy cuddle, but I gently moved him to the chair next to me after Melody got up. He moved back to my chair when I vacated it and curled up on my coat. I must have been sitting in his spot because he stayed even after I moved my coat.

Melody and Alfred soon moved ahead, but I saw Laura again as she had to backtrack. She had left her poles when she stopped. We walked together until I took a stop a little later for an Aquarius Limon and slice of Tarta de Santiago.

When I got to my albergue I was delighted to see Peggy and Greg as soon as I walked in. I had seen them a few times since Leon on the Camino, but we hadn’t been staying in the same places. I got a top bunk since I arrived late, but my pack was there. The room has 7 beds and there were only 5 of us there for the night. The albergue was the only thing in the town so I hung out at the cafe drinking mint tea and working on my blog. Then later I had dinner at the cafe and Peggy and Greg joined me.

Sheri-Lyn stopped by but continued on because her backpack was further on. She’d gotten food poisoning the night before where we ate together. We had shared a salad, but it must have been her pasta dish as thankfully I felt fine. I made reservations for the next two nights and for the extra night I’ll be in Santiago so everything is planned except for one night. Santiago is looming large; it is mentioned in every conversation.

(Very comfortable in my lap.)

(Perfect circle)

(I’ve walked by many dogs. They have always been either with their owner, helping herd cattle, or most often, asleep completely unconcerned that pilgrims are walking by.)

(My albergue for the night.)

(And it had giant ant sculptures out by the patio.)

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