Day 27 and 28: Marsilla de las Mulas to Leon

October 13, 2018

O km (took a bus!) and then took a full rest day in León.

I was anticipating a leisurely morning, but got a message from Alfred that he had heard that the only bus running because of a holiday was the 8:15. I had just finished packing everything when I saw the message so quickly looked under the bunk (a must do for peace of mind even if confident that I haven’t left anything) and went out the door towards the bus station. The day before I had noticed blue arrows on the ground just off the Camino that said “bus” so went there. It got me close to Alfred’s albergue so met up with him just as he was coming out. We started walking in the direct the albergue host had pointed but made the mistake of also checking on our phones for the bus station. If we had listened to the phones we would have gone the other direction, but after triple checking at a gas station, we realized we really were only a block from the station.

It was comforting to see a few other pilgrims already there waiting. The bus came pretty close on time and cost less than two euros to take us in to Leon. Getting on the bus I “re-met” two pilgrims that had been in Orisson that very first night. I didn’t have a chance to talk to Peggy and Greg then but remember them from the introductions as they are from Colorado. We talked on the way to the city, and I got some advice from them on where to live if I move to Colorado. I also met Anne from Boston who was going to be taking a rest day in León too.

Once at the Leon bus station it was a short walk to the center and the Cathedral. Since we were there on the early side it was easy to pose in front of the León sign, and then we took a tour of the Cathedral. It was gorgeous, but I imagine that on a bright sunny day it is spectacular with the light coming through the many stained glass windows.

After the tour I met Alfred in a cafe where we enjoyed a couple of rounds of coffee and food while waiting for Melody who walked the 18 km from Mansilla to León. Later after checking into my hotel I took a short nap and dreamed about moving such as dancing and going down a water slide. I think my brain needed to catch up since I had not walked much that day.

Later I met Melody and Alfred for dinner at a tapas restaurant and enjoyed not having a pilgrim meal. Then it was back to my hotel room where I didn’t leave until lunch the next day. It was good to have the down time.

(León Cathedral)

(A pilgrim checking out a pilgrim.)

(The Cathedral alter and a few of the many stained glass windows.)

(I always catch the two ladies with the donkey just after they pass. Here they walked by us when we were in a cafe.)

(Cloisters next to the Cathedral)

(Lady Justice)

(View of the Cathedral from the cloisters.)

(Plaza Mayor)

(Selfie in the Plaza Mayor)

(Vending machines in León supply the essentials . . . Chorizo and cheese.)

(Cathedral at night.)

6 Replies to “Day 27 and 28: Marsilla de las Mulas to Leon”

  1. I want a vending machine like that! I’ll be interested to hear what advice you got about Colorado.

    1. In short Loveland and Fort Collins.

  2. Not so sure I would eat Paella from a vending machine. Love the smile! You’re wearing the Camino well.

    1. Thank you 😊 I’d skip the vending machine paella too.

  3. Love the shot from the cloisters. Nice framing.

    1. Thanks! My sister made it into a watercolor. I just posted it.

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