Dubrovnik, Old Town

So many reasons to love the Old Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia:

Walking in through Pile gate feels like you are going back in time or if you prefer, like you are entering a Game of Thrones set (which you sort of are).

The Main Street, Stranod or Plaka, is paved with 400 year old limestone tiles that feel like they should be inside an upscale building.

Walking the walls of the city. It is amazing to be able to walk all the way around on walls started in the 14th century and that survived the Homeland War (1991-95) We actually walked around twice on two difference days and enjoyed both times, noticing different things each time.

All the steps – for if you suffer going up, at least at some point you will get to come down. You can always be glad you are not doing Cerci’s walk of shame.

At any given time, half the people are walking around with ice cream cones and you want to fit in.

Cool fresh drinking water is available at fountains that have been used for centuries. Just bring your own bottle to fill up.

200 restaurants.

47 churches – most you can wander in to and take a look around.

One synagogue.

Blue blue water.

Watching many types of boats go by.

The cable ride up the mountain for a great overview. We wandered back behind Fort Imperial which was built by Napoleon’s troops. Although at times it felt like we were going were only the maintenance crew should go, we ended up with great views of the newer part of Dubrovnik and the mountains.

Cats! They are everywhere enjoying the sun, napping int he shade, or exploring with you.

We did a fabulous food tour. I highly recommend Dubrovnikfoodtours.com. The business was started by a native to Old Town, Hamo, and you will enjoy some of the city, good company, and much good food and wine.

Fun souvenir shops and jewelry stores to explore.

The Dubrovnik Card is worth it if you are not part of a tour as it includes admission to the walls and 8 museums.

Buja bars (there are two spots). A picturesque stop for a drink just outside the walls on the cliffs overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

And of course, the people. Everyone we encountered spoke English and were warm and welcoming. They were happy to show of their city even if the flood of tourist (especially from large cruise ships) are overrunning the small space.


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