Packing Finds

Packing Finds

I am always looking for things that will make packing easier.  On almost every trip to Target, or other store that has a travel size section, I walk by just to take a look.  Good finds can also be located in some unexpected places.  Here are a few of my more recent finds:

Packing Finds

Water proof pouches:  These will be great for my passport and Pilgrim Credential when walking the Camino if it rains or if I need to take valuables with me to the shower.  These are sturdier than zip lock bags.

A box of powdered laundry detergent:  I included this because it was a little hard to find as most detergent now is liquid or in pods, but I want to try powdered detergent in my Scrubba.  It also means one less liquid item if I am only doing carry on.

Travel size tooth paste:  Okay, so this really isn’t a find.  I’m just celebrating the upside of the all the dental work I’ve had done lately.  I score a box every visit.

Travel size razor with a case:  This might not be worth it every trip, but I loved that someone finally made a smaller one with protection for the blades.  One tip I’ve read, but never tried, is to put a binder clip over the head of the razor.  For some reason that never appealed to me so this seems like a better solution.  However, the way it would be really useful is if it fit the razor heads that come with  the shaving cream built in.

A pill case:  I was glad to find one that wasn’t marked with the days of the week.

Travel toothbrush:  I love that it folds, and I won’t have to keep track of the cap.

Lush Shampoo Bar:  This works really well.  It creates a good lather with a delightful smell.  Plus it means one less liquid item.

Film Canister:  Some might not recognize what this is.  I found a couple of only film canisters when I was going through some boxes in my basement.  They seal tight so will make great pill cases or to keep other small items.  One is probably going to be for ear plugs.

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