Hello!  My name is Rebecca, and I created this site to share my love of travel.  I hope to pass along lessons learned and stories I have gathered from around the world including those earned close to home.  So far I have been to 40 countries but want to increase that count to at least 50.  There is also so much to discover by returning to places too so that is also on my wish list.  This is my way to contemplate and savor my travels and perhaps inspire others to visit more of the world too.

I chose the name Chasing Open Spaces because for me it references Wyoming, where I grew up.  I am most comfortable when I can see for miles, but it also hints at all I want to find in the world.  Open vistas definitely call to me, but I hope my journey also includes expanding my world within with knowledge, an expansion of the way I see the world, and some fun along the way.