a red dirt road leading off in the distance under a blue sky and a rainbow.


Hello!  My name is Rebecca, and I’m doing something that goes against all that I was taught to do while growing up.  I am leaving a very secure civil service position as an attorney with the U.S. Federal Government after twenty years of service to travel the world.  My favorite phrase to call it is an “open-ended vacation”, but a “career break”, “midlife crisis”,  or “gap year” would work too.  I hope to challenge myself by not having a schedule all the time, to explore interests and hobbies, to volunteer, and to learn as much as I can about the world.  Please follow along as I take this adventure through many countries but also as I push my comfort zone.

Where I am currently: Colorado

Where I am going next:  Exploring around Colorado and Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria in early summer.

I choose the name Chasing Open Spaces for my blog because for me it references Wyoming, where I grew up.  I am most comfortable when I can see for miles, but it also hints at all I want to find in the world.  Open vistas definitely call to me, but I hope my journey also includes expanding my world within with knowledge, an expansion of the way I see the world, and have some fun along the way.